About Us

Established in 2014, the International Cocoa Farmers Organization (ICCFO) is cocoa sector leading cocoa farmers umbrella organization. As the cocoa sector only independent cocoa farmers voice, ICCFO has as a responsibility to defend the interest of its members worldwide.

ICCFO-members are cooperatives, unions, and association of cocoa farmers based in cocoa producing countries. The organization headquater is based in Côte d’Ivoire and the head secretariat in the Netherlands.

Our mission is to make sure members voice is part of cocoa sector dialogue and decision-making platforms at the national and international level. We make it possible for members to become masters of their destiny and can advocate together on the issues that affects cocoa farming profession, their livelihoods and their community.   

Our Objective

The organization possess the follwing 8 objectives:

• Defend the interest of our members worldwide
• Protect rights of children in our profession
• Motivate consumption of cocoa beans end products in producing countries
• Promote gender equality in cocoa farming
• Promote the economic and social livelihoods of members
• Advocate for access to direct market for members
• Inspire cocoa beans transformation in producing countries 
• Promote and enable cocoa sustainability

In order to achieve our mission, the organization have put in place a Governing Board and 6 Working Committees