Member Challenges

For many years cocoa farming is not seen a profession which as a result member are being marginalized until date in the cocoa value chain. These has brought various socio-economic misery and have put millions of our members in difficulties. 

Daily millions of our members are struggling just to make ends meet, as they are engulfed with multiple risk and treats both in their profession and in their daily lives. Based on accurate data from members, we believe these challenges will only increase, members are currently witnessing increase of rainfall and/or too much sunshine as a result of climate change and deforestation impact. 

Members are already negatively impacting, things are even more difficult for them, and poverty rate has increase among members and  cocoa growing communities. Unfavourable the social and economic situation of members keeps worsening by the day. 

Other Issues:

These challenges are as a result of the failure for members not being able to independently manage their cocoa business as any other entrepreneur. Stakeholders in the cocoa sector, don’t want to realize that cocoa farming is a profession and farmers are independent entrepreneurs and must be treated as equal partner.


  • Members voice and interest are not part of sector policies and sustainability actions, because they are considered a stakeholder

Peste and diseases, aging tress, lack of sustainable tools, poor soil, high cost of production needs and low financial assistance, to invest in farm needs



  • Insufficient primary processing equipment and materials
  • Shortage of skilled staff in management and operation development
  • Shortage of lack of walking capital
  • Weak marketing strategies


  • Environmental degradation and deforestation
  • Less inform about sector activities and zero capacity to participate
  • Continues fluctuation of the international prices for cocoa