The coming years will convey along even more seriouse challenges in the cocoa sector that will put cocoa famers under extra pressure. Some of these challenges have never confronted our members and their profession as cocoa farmers before.

Now is time for cocoa farmers to come together to unite their voice and speak as strong community to ensure that change is made where change is needed. Coming together will make it possible to earn a fair income, strengthen cocoa profession and improve livelihood in cocoa communities.


*Expand your network;
*Share your own knowledge and experience and learn from your peers;
*Lead and be part of global sector debate;
*Play a major role in global cocoa discussions;
*Attend events, meetings and global fora to bring your voice into the international arena;
*Stay up to date on the issues that are most important for you;
*Juridical advice or support;
*Your voice is heard at national and international cocoa platform;
*May have access to direct market. 

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