Finding a reliable partner that you can trust is key to a successful business, as a farmer or consumer. ICCFO is the partner you can trust. 

ICCFO partnership ranges from governments to knowledge institutions, and from non-profit organizations and is focus on achieving a sustainable cocoa sector. 

Each partnership is unique. We focus on creating long-lasting relationships with our partners so that we can support them in journey in the best way possible.

Our teams make sure our relationship run smoothly so that our partnerships continue to grow towards a shared vision. Join us make the cocoa sector inclusive, transparent and sustainable. 

Some Benefits

  • Expand your network and work closer with farmers as equal partners
  • Be part of smarter, clever sustainability decisions
  • Receive free newsletter to keep you informed
  • Collectively secure a sustainable cocoa sector
  • Access to our events workshop and conference
  • Your logo placed on our website
  • Access to our real-time databas
  • Access to our real-time database
  • Achive deforestation free cocoa beans
  • Be part to address climate change,

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