What we do

Our members are composed of qualified cocoa professionals from: cocoa farmers’ cooperatives, unions and associations worldwide, who work hand in hand to share divers local knowledge among themselfs and cocoa communities worldwide. To enhance cocoa farming entrepreneurship, while take into consideration the  interests of their cliënts.

Our members are encouraged to share their experience and implement sustainable practices throughout the many steps they undertake in their business, such as growing, drying and marketing of their  cocoa beans. Bu doing so, members are able to ensure that cocoa bean end products truly reflect the demands and the expectations of their clients.


Cocoa farming is a profession. Through our advocacy we empower and strengthen members to become independent cocoa entrepreneurs.

We advocate for the implementation of fair policies, to protect and improve members living standard and make the sector transparent and accountable.

We work together with the private and public sectors partners in the sector to promote an inclusive, transparent, fair and sustainable cocoa value chain.

We promote and encourage members to sustainably grow their cocoa crop. Through our divers committees we develop step to sensitive members on how they can continue to farm by implementing national and international sustainable norms.

We organize events, workshop and conference to improve members livelihood and share our ideas about our profession with our partners. We also attend those organizes by partners.